Lomilomi with the tradition of healing your body, mind & soul
“Happiness” offered from “hands” created by Aloha
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Hawaiian Healing Lomilomi

“Ha” in Aloha means “newborn breath.”
The ancient Hawaiian breathing technique relaxes your mind, nervous system and muscles.
The rhythm of hula comforts your body naturally and deeply.
Enjoy the authentic Hawaiian Healing to your heart’s content through Lomilomi techniques handed down from Kumu Lomi who carried on the tradition, fragrance of aroma oil, and Hawaiian pohaku (hot stone therapy) .

45min ¥3,800

Helps relieve the pain in the head, neck and other parts of the body

60min ¥5,000

Focus on the upper body or lower body. Give you a delightful feeling.

90min ¥6,600

Experience Lomilomi in the entire body. Gentle healing and fatigue recovery

120min ¥8,800

Our most popular plan. Best treatment for accumulated stiffness and fatigue in the body

150min ¥11,000

Fully enjoy Hawaiian healing. ☆ Reward Yourself plan ☆

☆ Options ☆ Please pick the right one for you.
Eye mask 0 yen,
Intestinal Therapy 20min ¥1,100
Facial (massage only) 30min ¥2,200
Foot or Head Massage 30min ¥2,200

Deep Relaxation Facial

Zone therapy comfortably stimulates the brain and the Maulani Original all-hand
technique thoroughly massages you. Your skin receives pleasant stimulation and glows from inside.
(massage around the head and neck + cleansing + zone therapy & massage + facial mask)

60min ¥5,000
Beautiful Skin Rejuvenation EGF Facial

Electroporation developed by a medical team and epidermal growth factor (EGF) of skin cells improve regeneration and moisture retention. Toned, glowing and younger-looking healthy skin will be yours.

90min ¥9,900
Maternity Lomilomi

Gives peace of mind from our gentle hands to an expecting mother and baby.
Comfortable pressure and rhythm that a Hawaiian mother created relieve stiffness and swelling in your body.
Our experienced therapists or therapists who have experiences of raising children will cater your needs.
*Pregnant women in their stable period only. Consult your physician first before appointment.

70min ¥5,500


Gift certificates available. Great for a birthday gift or a wedding gift.
Valid for six months after the effective date. 10% off for two certificates or more.